Discover the Fire & Ice Facial at The Rose Spa of Lake Mary. Revitalize your skin with our treatment designed to resurface the skin, reducing fine lines, and encouraging cellular renewal.


Meet your new favorite facial that’s straight fire, with a little ice mixed in for cool vibes. Fire & Ice is a multi-step treatment that resurfaces and rejuvenates the skin – using all of your favorite beauty products to deliver a variety of complexion benefits.

The facial begins with a double cleanse under steam before our professionals apply the iS Clinical Intensive Resurfacing Masque – the “fire” part of this popular facial. As this exfoliating mask works its magic, your face receives a boost of Retinol, Botanical Acids, Kaolin Clay, and other antioxidants to smooth, detox, and brighten the skin while spreading the heat across your face in the best way.


The combination of skin resurfacing and nourishment provided in the Fire & Ice facial can help your skin look brighter, tighter, and more youthful.

The “fire” portion of the Fire & Ice facial is the first step of the process. An exfoliating masque is used to resurface the skin. This includes natural acids that penetrate deeply into the skin layers, removing dead skin cells and toxins, which reveals resurfaced, deeply cleansed skin. The process also induces collagen production that will help fight lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation issues.

The “ice” portion of the Fire & Ice facial is designed to replenish the skin after deep cleansing and resurfacing. This soothing masque cools the skin, providing moisturizers and nourishment to give it a gorgeous glow.

The Fire & Ice Facial is designed to address: 



Welcome to the world of revolutionary skincare treatments at The Rose Spa of Lake Mary. We’re delighted to introduce you to our star service: The Fire & Ice Facial. This sensational treatment provides a game-changing approach to skincare, promising a youthful, radiant glow that transcends traditional facials. Nestled in the heart of Lake Mary, FL, our boutique day spa offers this and more in an oasis of tranquility.

The Fire & Ice Facial, often dubbed as the ‘Red Carpet Facial,’ is the secret behind the flawless skin of Hollywood celebrities. It’s a clinically active treatment system designed to rapidly and safely resurface your skin, encouraging cellular renewal, reducing fine lines, and leaving your skin smooth and softened. This extraordinary facial is your ticket to a rejuvenated complexion without any invasive procedures or downtime!

Understanding the Fire & Ice Facial

In the heart of this treatment lies the magic of contrast therapy. Two professional-grade masques are applied sequentially – the ‘fire,’ an Intensive Resurfacing Masque, and the ‘ice,’ a Rejuvenating Masque. This facial embraces the potent power of both warm and cool therapies to enhance the penetration of its active ingredients and stimulate skin rejuvenation.

Step into the Heat – The Fire

This journey begins with the fire: a powerful, tingling masque brimming with rich ingredients like glycolic acid, citric acid, and retinol. These ingredients combine to exfoliate your skin, lifting away layers of dull cells, and revealing a brighter, smoother complexion beneath. This carefully formulated cocktail of components also promotes collagen synthesis, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and ensuring your skin maintains its youthful vigor.

Dive into the Cool – The Ice

Following the fire comes the cool, soothing ice: a rejuvenating masque packed with hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, green tea, and grape seed extracts. These nourishing elements hydrate your skin, soothe inflammation, and provide antioxidant protection. The result? A balanced, nourished complexion that radiates with health and vitality.

LED Light Therapy: The Cherry on Top

As a complimentary addition to this transformative experience, we include an LED Light Therapy session. This groundbreaking therapy uses specific wavelengths of light to boost the skin’s natural healing processes and stimulate collagen production. Whether you’re combating aging signs or breakouts, LED Light Therapy enhances the results of the Fire & Ice Facial, leaving your skin feeling firmer, smoother, and radiantly glowing.

Why Choose the Fire & Ice Facial at The Rose Spa of Lake Mary?

Our highly skilled estheticians at The Rose Spa of Lake Mary apply their profound knowledge and meticulous technique to the Fire & Ice Facial. From the moment you step into our spa, you’ll feel the difference – the calming ambiance, the personalized service, and our commitment to your skincare goals.

Unlike other, more aggressive treatments, the Fire & Ice Facial can fit seamlessly into your routine without requiring recovery time. It’s perfect for special occasions, or simply as a self-love treat that will leave your skin looking refreshed and revitalized.

There’s no better time to prioritize your skin health and experience the unparalleled benefits of the Fire & Ice Facial. We’re excited to embark on this transformative journey with you, providing world-class skin treatments right here in Lake Mary, FL.

Discover the secret behind beautifully resurfaced, glowing skin with the Fire & Ice Facial at The Rose Spa of Lake Mary. Trust us; your skin will thank you!


Instantly brightening, tightening, smoothing, and hydrating, the Fire & Ice Facial reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improves the look of uneven and blemish-prone skin. Using products exclusive to qualified providers, Fire & Ice can resurface the skin on your face, neck, and upper chest, decreasing the results of aging, sun, smoking, and acne, as well as rosacea and pigmentation, and encourages your skin to renew itself.

The Fire & Ice Facial has several steps, which take about an hour. The first is a powerful intensive resurfacing masque made of sugarcane extracts, Vitamins A & B3, which instantly smooths and brightens your skin. Next, is a rejuvenating masque with powerful ingredients to soothe, nourish, and hydrate. After we remove the masque, your face is cleansed a final time and treated with a vitamin-rich moisturizing serum.

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Have questions about our boutique day spa? Here are some of our frequently asked questions. Feel free to call us for any further information! 

The Fire & Ice Facial reduces fine lines and wrinkles, smoothens and softens the skin, and encourages cellular renewal. It can brighten a dull complexion and enhance overall skin health. The treatment includes an LED Light Therapy session, boosting collagen production and stimulating the skin's natural healing processes.

The entire treatment, including the LED Light Therapy session, typically takes about an hour. This makes it an ideal choice for individuals with a busy schedule who want efficient and effective skincare treatments.

Unlike some other skincare treatments, there's no downtime after the Fire & Ice Facial. You can return to your normal activities immediately after the session.

Generally, the Fire & Ice Facial is suitable for most skin types. However, during your consultation, our skilled estheticians will evaluate your skin type and condition to ensure the treatment is the right choice for you.

While you will notice immediate benefits after one session, for long-lasting and optimum results, we recommend having the Fire & Ice Facial every four to six weeks.

Yes, the Fire & Ice Facial is a safe treatment. It uses clinically tested, professional-grade ingredients, and is performed under the care of our experienced estheticians at The Rose Spa of Lake Mary. However, like any skincare treatment, it's essential to discuss any allergies or skin sensitivities with your skincare professional before the procedure.

Yes, you can apply makeup immediately after the treatment. However, your skin will be fresh and glowing, so you may find you want to skip the makeup altogether!

You can experience the Fire & Ice Facial at The Rose Spa of Lake Mary, where our skilled estheticians are ready to guide you on your journey to radiant, youthful skin.


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