Therapeutic Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage Focuses On Issues In Soft Tissue To Restore Muscle Functionality

Therapeutic Massage Therapy AT THE ROSE SPA OF LAKE MARY

The Structure of a therapeutic massage works to restore movement and functionality to specific problem areas in the body such as a frozen shoulder or stiff neck. You should receive a therapeutic massage if you are experiencing repetitive stress injuries, fatigue, anxiety, or muscle tension. The effects of the therapeutic massage last long after the initial hour session. Create a customized plan with our licensed massage therapist at The Rose Spa to restore balance and functionality to your body.


The Therapeutic massage is unlike a full-body massage, this massage will focus on and around the area of concern to make a change in the body. Although there is more tense pressure it is not as strong of a massage as the Deep Tissue. Expect manipulation in the soft tissue of muscles, ligaments, and tendons in order to restore normal functionality. 

Therapeutic Massage Benefits

Therapeutic Massage Therapist

A Therapeutic Massage is the solution to relieving your muscle pain. The Rose Spa licensed massage therapists tailor your therapeutic massage to specifically target and restore optimal functionality back to your body. They will discuss your areas of discomfort to provide adequate treatment.

Therapeutic massage is best for pain relief in the soft tissue of the body. The techniques and pressure used aim to structurally change and remobilize soft tissue.

Although there is pressure applied during this massage, you can still expect to feel relaxed during and after this session, as they provide much-needed relief to your areas of concern. You can trust The Rose Spa to bring you the best results with the therapeutic massage treatment. Don’t hesitate to book an appointment! 

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Read Below For Commonly Asked Questions About Therapeutic Massage.

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Therapeutic Focuses On Specific Areas Of The Body. It's Purpose Is To Restore Functional Use To Muscles And Tendons, While Deep Tissue Works On Deeper Knots And Tension.

A Therapeutic Massage May Cause Slight Discomfort As It Is More Than A Relaxing Massage And Focused On Giving Results As Well As Comfort.