Embark on a journey to perfect skin with The Ultimate Bloom Facial at The Rose Spa of Lake Mary, where customization meets organic skincare.


Embark on a journey to perfect skin with The Ultimate Bloom Facial at The Rose Spa of Lake Mary, where customization meets organic skincare.

Our Ultimate Bloom Facial is more than just a treatment; it’s an individualized experience designed around the unique needs of your skin. We believe that everyone’s skin is unique, with its own strengths and weaknesses. That’s why we’ve created a facial that’s fully tailored to your skin type and concerns.

Our knowledgeable estheticians harness the power of natural and organic ingredients to develop a customized treatment plan that targets your skin’s specific needs. Whether you’re struggling with signs of aging, acne, dryness, or you’re simply unsure what your skin requires, let our experts take the reins. They’ll analyze your skin thoroughly, taking into account various factors like your skin type, lifestyle, diet, and environmental exposure, before designing a treatment that is perfect for you.


The Ultimate Bloom Facial begins with a deep cleanse, followed by an organic exfoliation to shed dead skin cells and reveal a brighter complexion underneath. We then nourish your skin with nutrient-rich organic masks, serums, and moisturizers, and finally, we soothe your skin with a calming massage. Every step in this facial is carefully chosen and skillfully performed to give your skin the nourishment and care it deserves.

But our attention to detail doesn’t stop there. We also provide post-treatment guidance and a custom home care routine to ensure the best results possible even after you leave our spa.

The result? Refreshed, revitalized skin that truly blooms. Experience the difference that a personalized, organic approach to skincare can make with The Ultimate Bloom Facial.

For those looking to experience a completely customizable facial and take their skincare to the next level, The Ultimate Bloom Facial at The Rose Spa of Lake Mary is an excellent choice. You’ll leave our spa with a glow that lasts and the knowledge you need to maintain it. Book your appointment today and let us help your skin achieve its full potential.

The Ultimate Bloom Facial is designed to address: 



In the rhythm of modern life, our skin withstands various challenges – from stress and environmental pollutants to harsh weather. To rescue your skin from these elements and revive its natural glow, The Rose Spa of Lake Mary presents The Ultimate Bloom Facial, a wholly bespoke organic facial treatment that brings an upgraded result for your skin.

Experience the Exclusive Bloom Journey

The Ultimate Bloom Facial is far from your average skincare treatment. It’s a curated service that transforms your skin with personalized care, uncovering a radiance that reflects your inner vitality.

Deep Cleansing for a Fresh, Rejuvenated Skin

The journey to radiant skin begins with deep cleansing. Our proficient estheticians utilize organic products to clear away dirt, oil, and impurities that may cloud your complexion, paving the way for your freshest and most vibrant skin to come forward.

Targeted Exfoliation for a Smoother Skin Surface

Post cleansing, the Ultimate Bloom Facial incorporates a targeted exfoliation process. By gently eliminating the dead skin cells that dull your skin, we reveal a brighter, more youthful complexion that’s ready to absorb the full benefits of our following organic treatments.

Personalized Nourishment for Healthy, Vibrant Skin

Our estheticians then apply a bespoke mix of nutrient-rich organic masks, serums, and moisturizers. Depending on your skin’s unique needs, whether it’s hydration, detoxification, brightening, or more, we tailor this step to deliver profound nourishment and care to your skin.

Relaxing Massage for Enhanced Well-being

But the Ultimate Bloom Facial is about more than just your skin. We integrate a soothing massage throughout the treatment. Not only does this promote increased blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, but it also fosters a serene sense of relaxation for your mind and body, transforming your facial treatment into a full-on spa luxury experience.

Adaptable for All Skin Types

A common question we encounter is, “Is the Ultimate Bloom Facial suitable for my skin type?” Absolutely yes! The beauty of this facial is its adaptability. Whether your skin is dry, oily, combination, sensitive, or anything in between, you’re set to enjoy the unique benefits of this luxury treatment.

Discover Unparalleled Skincare at The Rose Spa of Lake Mary

If your skin craves rejuvenation, it’s time to pamper it with The Ultimate Bloom Facial at The Rose Spa of Lake Mary. Our serene spa environment, expert estheticians, and commitment to skincare excellence converge to form an unparalleled skincare experience.

Don’t wait to treat your skin with the love it deserves. Step into The Rose Spa of Lake Mary, FL, and let us guide your skin on a bespoke journey of renewal with The Ultimate Bloom Facial. It’s more than a facial – it’s a testament to your skin’s beauty and strength.


The Ultimate Bloom Facial is a personalized skincare journey designed to address your skin’s unique characteristics and needs. It is a sophisticated blend of science and nature that provides optimal skincare benefits. Using exclusively organic and naturally derived products, our estheticians design a treatment plan that specifically targets your individual skin concerns.

Whether you’re struggling with oily skin, acne, dryness, signs of aging, or sensitivity, or if you’re simply unsure what your skin needs most, The Ultimate Bloom Facial can help. This treatment isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach but a specialized program carefully crafted just for you.

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Have questions about our boutique day spa? Here are some of our frequently asked questions. Feel free to call us for any further information! 

The Fire & Ice Facial reduces fine lines and wrinkles, smoothens and softens the skin, and encourages cellular renewal. It can brighten a dull complexion and enhance overall skin health. The treatment includes an LED Light Therapy session, boosting collagen production and stimulating the skin's natural healing processes.

The entire treatment, including the LED Light Therapy session, typically takes about an hour. This makes it an ideal choice for individuals with a busy schedule who want efficient and effective skincare treatments.

Unlike some other skincare treatments, there's no downtime after the Fire & Ice Facial. You can return to your normal activities immediately after the session.

Generally, the Fire & Ice Facial is suitable for most skin types. However, during your consultation, our skilled estheticians will evaluate your skin type and condition to ensure the treatment is the right choice for you.

While you will notice immediate benefits after one session, for long-lasting and optimum results, we recommend having the Fire & Ice Facial every four to six weeks.

Yes, the Fire & Ice Facial is a safe treatment. It uses clinically tested, professional-grade ingredients, and is performed under the care of our experienced estheticians at The Rose Spa of Lake Mary. However, like any skincare treatment, it's essential to discuss any allergies or skin sensitivities with your skincare professional before the procedure.

Yes, you can apply makeup immediately after the treatment. However, your skin will be fresh and glowing, so you may find you want to skip the makeup altogether!

You can experience the Fire & Ice Facial at The Rose Spa of Lake Mary, where our skilled estheticians are ready to guide you on your journey to radiant, youthful skin.