The Classic Rose Facial

Welcome to the exclusive Classic Rose Facial page, where we unveil the essence of our signature treatment at The Rose Spa of Lake Mary. Crafted for those seeking a blend of luxury and nature’s healing touch, this facial embodies our commitment to organic rejuvenation and personal well-being. Explore what makes our Classic Rose Facial a celebrated journey of beauty and serenity.

The Classic Rose Facial At
The Rose Spa Of Lake Mary

Experience the ultimate Organic Facial at our Day Spa in Lake Mary, featuring the renowned Eminence brand. Discover the Classic Rose Facial at The Rose Spa of Lake Mary, Florida, a sanctuary of tranquility designed for every skin type. Our signature facial not only rejuvenates and illuminates your complexion but also ensures you leave feeling serenely relaxed.

Organic Eminence Products

At The Rose Spa, we understand the uniqueness of every skin type. That’s why we emphasize personalized care and nourishment with our Classic Rose Facial. It’s far from your typical facial; it’s a luxurious experience that blends potent skincare benefits with the purity of 100% organic Eminence products. Eminence is celebrated for its commitment to chemical-free, organic ingredients, ensuring your skin receives the safest, most effective treatment. By choosing our Classic Rose Facial you’re investing in your skin’s health & beauty.

Made For All Skin Types

Whether your skin is dry, oily, combination, or sensitive, the Classic Rose Facial at our Lake Mary Day Spa is tailored to meet your needs. The organic Eminence products we use are designed to adapt to any skin condition, providing a comprehensive treatment that cleanses, tones, and moisturizes. Our approach guarantees not just visible results but also maintains your skin’s natural harmony. Plus, this treatment indulges your senses, offering a serene and luxurious spa experience that elevates your overall well-being.

What Is The
Classic Rose Facial?


Begin your journey to glowing skin with a thorough cleansing. Our Eminence organic cleanser is chosen specifically for your skin type, ensuring the removal of surface impurities and setting the stage for the treatments to follow.


Step two involves exfoliating away dead skin cells that can dull your complexion. We utilize Eminence's premium organic exfoliants to gently refresh your skin's surface, unveiling a smoother and more radiant look.


The third step is a calming facial massage, blending relaxation with effective skincare. Our specialized massage techniques enhance product absorption, promote lymphatic drainage, and stimulate blood flow, all integral for a healthy, glowing complexion.


Next, we apply an Eminence organic mask tailored to your skin type. This essential step deeply hydrates and nourishes, preparing your skin for the final touches.

Finishing Touches

To conclude your organic facial, we meticulously apply Eminence organic serums, moisturizer, and sunscreen. This not only locks in the benefits of the facial but also protects your skin from environmental stressors.

Feel The Classic

The Classic Rose Facial at The Rose Spa of Lake Mary is more than a skincare treatment. It is an invigorating experience that caters to your skin’s wellness and your relaxation. From the moment you step into our spa, our mission is to help you disconnect from the outside world and connect with your inner tranquility.

If you are new to facials or seeking a gentle, effective treatment that leaves your skin with a natural glow, The Classic Rose Facial is an excellent choice. With this facial, you’ll not only experience the lavishness of organic skincare but also see tangible improvements in your skin’s health and appearance.

At The Rose Spa of Lake Mary, we’re all about promoting healthy, glowing skin naturally. So, why wait? Book your Classic Rose Facial appointment today, and let’s embark on the journey towards radiant, refreshed skin together.

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Discover Your Perfect Match

The Ideal Candidates for the Classic Rose Facial

Experience personalized skincare perfection with the Classic Rose Facial at The Rose Spa of Lake Mary. Whether your concern is sensitivity, aging, environmental damage, or dryness, this luxurious treatment offers a tailored solution. Discover the ideal match for your skin type and embrace a journey of rejuvenation, protection, and intense hydration, all while luxuriating in the soothing essence of organic rose.

Sensitive Skin

Ideal for those with delicate skin, this facial uses the soothing properties of rose and gentle Eminence organic products to calm irritation and reduce redness, offering a serene and nurturing
cleanse that rejuvenates sensitive skin.

Aging Skin

Turn back time with a facial designed to restore your skin's youthful glow. Eminence organic products work to smooth fine lines
and hydrate deeply, revealing a supple, radiant complexion
that defies the years.

Damaged Skin

Combat the harsh effects of urban living with a facial that detoxifies and shields against pollution and stress. This treatment revitalizes your skin, fortifying it against environmental aggressors and
leaving it resilient and radiant.

Dry Skin

Dive into deep hydration with a facial tailored for parched skin. This intensive moisture therapy saturates the skin with rich, nourishing care, smoothing dry areas and rejuvenating the overall texture for
a lush, hydrated look.

Monique Mojica
Monique Mojica
I had a wonderful body massage and Terri did an amazing facial. Clean and very professional staff I will be back. Great mothers day package! Update: I have seen Kate for my facials and could not recommend her more! My face has changed and feels so soft and I recieve compliments due to the shine I have when leave. The best part is Kate's facial massage and attention to detail and knowledge of different skin types. 10 our of 10. Kate is the best.
Kasey Pacheco
Kasey Pacheco
I had a wonderful experience using the Somadome
Lenni Jo Yarchin
Lenni Jo Yarchin
10 out of 5 stars for their new massage therapist, Dylan! I am so grateful for the time and effort she spent with me. She is clearly passionate about her work and is committed to providing a therapeutic experience. She is an active listener and finds just the right amount of communication during the massage to ensure that I leave feeling better than when I walked in! Thank you so much to the Rose and to Dylan.
Justin Crowder
Justin Crowder
I got a massage by Dylan and I could not recommend her and The Rose Spa more. Dylan did a great job at and really listened to what I was hoping to get out of the service. I think she could tell I was a little out of my element and did a great job at making me feel comfortable. The other members of the spa were kind and welcoming. See you again soon!
Love this place! This is the best spa in Lake Mary! Love the staff they’re super friendly! I can’t say enough great things about this place, it’s awesome!
VIE Loriot de Rouvray
VIE Loriot de Rouvray
Thanks to Katlyn, I had an amazing facial treatments. I was far from expecting such a great experience. Thank you again and you will see me soon again.
Crystal Doss
Crystal Doss
I love this spa! It’s a bit pricey but service is outstanding! I’ve gotten a facial and massage there. I love how the girl who did my facial explained what she was doing to my face each step of the way and educated me on my specific skin concerns. She genuinely cared. I also enjoyed my massage and the complimentary tea they gave me. I did purchase some skincare products and continue restocking with them. I walked out feeling refreshed and renewed! Highly recommend!
Tori Paone Scott
Tori Paone Scott
Another fabulous facial from Terri!! If you haven’t been here yet, you are missing out. Pamper yourself and go to The Rose Spa!
Abigail Richardson
Abigail Richardson
I always love getting my facials here 🙂

Guest Reviews

Experiences with The Classic Rose Facial and More

Dive into the heartwarming stories and genuine feedback from our esteemed clients who have experienced the Classic Rose Facial, among other cherished treatments at The Rose Spa of Lake Mary. Let the experiences shared here guide you towards making your visit an unforgettable journey of relaxation, beauty, and rejuvenation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Know About The Classic Rose Facial Experience

Below, you’ll find answers to common inquiries, designed to guide you through understanding what makes our Classic Rose Facial at The Rose Spa of Lake Mary a unique and transformative experience. Whether you’re wondering about the benefits, suitability for your skin type, or the organic Eminence products we use, we’re here to shed light on every aspect of your journey towards radiant, nourished skin.

Who is the Classic Rose Facial suitable for?

The Classic Rose Facial is suitable for all skin types, including dry, oily, combination, and sensitive skin. Our expert estheticians tailor the treatment to suit your unique skin needs.

The Classic Rose Facial uses the Eminence line of 100% organic products, renowned for their skin-friendly, natural ingredients and effectiveness in addressing various skin concerns.

The Classic Rose Facial treatment begins with a deep cleanse and exfoliation, followed by a soothing hydration treatment using organic Eminence products. The treatment includes a gentle massage that encourages lymphatic drainage and blood circulation.

The Classic Rose Facial thoroughly cleanses and exfoliates the skin, removing dead skin cells and impurities. The organic hydration treatment replenishes the skin’s moisture, leaving it supple and youthful. The massage helps in boosting circulation and promoting skin rejuvenation.

The frequency of facials depends on various factors like your skin type, skin concerns, and personal skincare goals. However, as a general rule, a facial once every 4-6 weeks can help maintain healthy and radiant skin. Our estheticians can provide a personalized skincare regimen during your visit.