At The Rose Spa of Lake Mary, we’ve taken chemical peels to the next level with the iSClinical Prodigy Peels, specially crafted for those seeking visible transformation in their skin’s appearance.


In a world of ever-evolving skincare advancements, chemical peels remain a steadfast solution for many skin woes. At The Rose Spa of Lake Mary, we’ve taken chemical peels to the next level with the iSClinical Prodigy Peels, specially crafted for those seeking visible transformation in their skin’s appearance.

Experience the Transformation

The iSClinical Prodigy Peel process is designed to be both effective and indulgent. Upon application, the active ingredients penetrate the skin, setting the stage for a cascade of cellular events that culminate in a brighter, clearer, and more youthful complexion. As the old, damaged skin layers slough off, they pave the way for rejuvenated skin to emerge.


The iSClinical Prodigy Peels aren’t your average chemical peels. Born from rigorous scientific research and state-of-the-art skincare technology, these peels promise a tailored approach to skin concerns. How do they differ? Let’s dissect the potent ingredients that make this treatment a game-changer.

  1. Resorcinol: This component aids in exfoliation, shedding the top layer of skin, revealing a brighter and rejuvenated layer beneath.

  2. Lactic Acid: A favorite in the skincare world, lactic acid hydrates and stimulates collagen production, ensuring skin retains its bounce and vigor.

  3. Advanced Salicylic Acid: A superhero for acne-prone skin, it dives deep, targeting oil glands, thus reducing acne breakouts.

  4. Powerful Booster: Think of this as the magic wand that amplifies the peel’s effects. With every treatment, you’re getting a potent punch, maximizing benefits.

Addressing a Multitude of Skin Concerns

The multifaceted nature of the iSClinical Prodigy Peels allows them to:

  1. Tackle Skin Laxity: Boost collagen and elastin production to firm up the skin.
  2. Combat Acne: Regulate oil production and reduce the occurrence of breakouts.
  3. Diminish Hyperpigmentation: Even out skin tone by reducing the appearance of dark spots and discoloration.
  4. Minimize Fine Lines and Wrinkles: Smooth out age-induced imperfections, unveiling youthful radiance.
  5. Refine Skin Texture: Achieve smoother, silkier skin by eliminating rough patches and uneven texture.


In the relentless rhythm of life, our skin constantly combats aggressors: from urban pollutants to the side-effects of age and lifestyle choices. Recognizing these challenges, The Rose Spa of Lake Mary champions the fusion of advanced science with skincare luxury. Presenting our solution: The iSClinical Prodigy Peel – a modern-age treatment that dramatically refines, renews, and revitalizes.

Dive into the Prodigy Peel Phenomenon

This isn’t your everyday peel. The iSClinical Prodigy Peel stands distinguished in the skincare cosmos. It promises not just rejuvenation, but a transformation, bestowing upon your skin a vibrancy that reflects the spirit within.

Deep Exfoliation for Brighter, Revitalized Skin

Central to the Prodigy Peel experience is its profound exfoliation. With the expertise of our trained estheticians, the buildup of dead skin that masks your true complexion is gently yet effectively banished, unveiling skin that’s radiant and alive.

Tailored Ingredients for Targeted Solutions

Post exfoliation, the skin is treated with a blend of powerhouse ingredients. From Resorcinol that aids in shedding, to Lactic Acid that promotes hydration and Salicylic Acid’s prowess in acne combat – every ingredient is purposefully chosen, delivering targeted solutions to your skin’s unique challenges.

Enhanced by a Potent Booster

The iSClinical Prodigy Peel doesn’t stop there. Coupled with a formidable booster, this peel amplifies its efficacy, ensuring you reap maximized benefits from every session.

Experience and Relaxation – A Holistic Affair

Beyond skincare, this peel is a retreat for the senses. While your skin undergoes its metamorphosis, our estheticians ensure your comfort, integrating relaxation techniques, turning the treatment into a holistic spa luxury.

Suits a Spectrum of Skin Types

One question we often encounter is, “Is the iSClinical Prodigy Peel suitable for me?” And our answer is a confident yes! Devised with versatility, it caters to an array of skin types, from the driest to the most sensitive.

The Rose Spa of Lake Mary – Where Innovation Meets Indulgence

Yearn to gift your skin a transformative experience? The iSClinical Prodigy Peel awaits at The Rose Spa of Lake Mary. With our tranquil ambiance, seasoned estheticians, and unwavering dedication to skincare distinction, we promise an escapade that’s both extraordinary and efficacious.

So, are you prepared to witness a skin transformation like never before? Embark on this journey with The Rose Spa of Lake Mary, FL. Experience the iSClinical Prodigy Peel – it’s not merely a treatment; it’s a testament to your skin’s potential and beauty.



Is The iSClinical Prodigy Peel Right for You?

Ideal for those looking for advanced skin solutions, this treatment is adaptable for various skin types and concerns. However, a consultation with our expert estheticians at The Rose Spa of Lake Mary will determine if it’s the perfect fit for your skin goals.

Embrace Renewed Radiance at The Rose Spa of Lake Mary

Your skin is a testament to your life’s journey, and it’s only fitting that you treat it with the utmost care. The iSClinical Prodigy Peels stand as a testament to our commitment to bring you the pinnacle of skincare treatments. Elevate your skin’s potential and step into a world of unmatched clarity and luminosity.

Journey with us and let your skin experience a rebirth. Because at The Rose Spa of Lake Mary, we believe in transforming not just skin, but lives.

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