The Rose Spa Membership

Make self-care a lifestyle and save with our monthly spa memberships.

Find Peace & Relaxation With Our Spa Membership

The Rose offers memberships so you can ensure your self-care routine is taken care of no matter how busy you get. Come to our peaceful and serene setting to relax, release, and renew every month. 

The Classic Organic Rose Facial Membership

It’s Official! Facial Memberships Are The New Gym Memberships!

Here at The Rose Spa, we understand better than anyone that self-care should be part of our personal routine. That’s why we are now offering an Organic Facial Membership!
Unlock your skin’s potential with monthly facials, discounted products, and routine guidance from our estheticians.

Our Organic Facial Membership Includes

The Somadome Meditation Membership

Your Journey To The Present!

The world’s first technology-enabled Meditation Pod that promotes the balance of the mind, body, and spirit. There’s a lot of noise in this world, especially in our minds. The struggle to shut off, unplug, and dive within is real.

The Somadome enables you to guide yourself in selecting the experience you are seeking, at any given moment. Immerse yourself in a healing aura of light, color, sound, and energy, and access your true self in just 20 minutes.

Somadome Sessions Include