Somadome: The Tech You Need for Tranquility

Looking at the Somadome for the first time, and you’ll think you’re right in a sci-fi film. Yes, the dome-shaped enclosure looks futuristic, but you must know that the way it integrates biofeedback, energy, meditation, color therapy, and healing can be enjoyed by anyone looking to reduce stress. 

But what is Somadome, exactly, and how can it deliver you that much-needed relaxation? In this post, The Rose of Lake Mary, your trusted expert in skincare solutions, shares what you need to know about Somadome:

What Is Somadome?

The Somadome is the first ever technology-enabled meditation vessel that combines ancient healing remedies and advanced technology. It’s a personal meditation pod that offers meaningful stress relief in just 20 minutes! This fully immersive vessel is fueled by the combination of LED color and light therapy, magnetic therapy, and binaural beat meditation, which all contribute to a completely relaxing environment where you can get physical, mental, and spiritual benefits.

A Brief History of the Somadome

Sarah Attia’s vision of and for the Somadome originated from a desire to provide people with a safe space where they can instantly achieve a tranquil state. Sarah, then a lawyer, was constantly exposed to life stressors, always searching for a calm environment where she could escape. That’s what started the idea of Somadome. 

Somadome’s design favors organic and biodegradable materials. A person lying inside this unique pod will feel freed from the constrictions of time and space. You’ll find it hard to find a more comfortable space. 

Now, Somadome is available in over a hundred locations across 13 countries and four continents, with more coming.

The One Piece of Tech That Can Alleviate Anxiety

Living with access to all the technology we need (perhaps more than we need) contributes to our stress levels. Just think about your phone buzzing non-stop as texts, tweets, emails, and more are received and sent all day. The unhealthy attachment to devices does increase stress. For many people, the first thing they check when they wake up in the morning and the last thing they see before bedtime is their phone. Many get “addicted” to their devices without realizing their effects. 

But there’s one piece of tech that can help address stress and anxiety. That’s Somadome. Its technology brings back the magic of meditation – in a state where you shut out all the mental noise filling your head. Meditation in a Somadome can help reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, and improve heart rate.

How Somadome Can Help Heal You

If you’re looking for a way to heal your mind, body, and soul, Somadome may be able to help. Somadome is a unique, immersive experience that can help you relax and find inner peace.

Energy healing has its foundation in the belief that the human body gives off energies that can affect our mental and physical health. The Somadome provides energy therapy through microcrystalline tiles. These can block harmful electromagnetic frequencies from electronics and restore one’s energy. Additionally, light therapy, which can help regulate the nervous system, is part of what makes the Somadome effective.

The Somadome also makes use of binaural beats. A paper written by Dr. Gerald Oster described how when the left and right ears hear sounds at varying frequencies, the brain produces an inaudible beat that makes five brainwave states, too: Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. Delta is the brainwave that can help you relax and heal.


The Somadome experience can help you in many ways. It can reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, and increase your overall sense of well-being. It also allows you to reconnect with your inner wisdom and find guidance on your life path.

If you’re looking for a way to heal your mind, body, and soul, the Somadome may be able to help. Apart from getting massage services, 20 minutes in the Somadome can help you tap into your true self and free yourself from the distractions of the world. 

The Rose of Lake Mary offers an array of self-empowering services, from facials, to massage services, and now, the Somadome! Contact us today to schedule an appointment at The Rose of Lake Mary!

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