Somadome: Improve Mental Health With Science Based Meditation

Mental health and its maintenance continue to grow in people’s eyes as important and necessary. In today’s world, we can all agree on the benefits of taking care of your mental health. Stress, anxiety, and depression are just a few of the emotional struggles we deal with on a day to day, leaving many wondering how to improve their mental health. There are many gimmicks and tricks out there, but just as the body is treated using science, so should the mind. 

With that concept in mind, we introduce to you the Somadome ©. If we had to describe in one sentence to you what exactly is a Somadome, we would say that the Somadome is a technology-enabled meditation pod that uses scientific technology, merging it with ancient healing techniques to promote mental health. 

Now let’s dive deeper into the details of the Somadome. We will be discussing: 

  • What Is The Somadome? 
  • What Technologies Does The Somadome Use? 
  • How Can The Somadome Improve Mental Health? 

The Ultimate Meditation Pod: What Is The Somadome?

Merging Ancient Healing Techniques With Modern Technology

Somadome is a personal meditation pod at its bare bones. When you step into the dome and place on the noise-canceling headphones, you are taken on a guided journey, a peaceful meditation. The best part about taking care of your mental health with Somadome, is you do not have to learn or do research to have a successful meditation session. Placing on the headphones takes you into another world where a voice guides you on what to do the entire session. No experience necessary, no stress over doing it correctly. You are placed in a safe space to heal your mind and body. 

How Can Meditating With Somadome Help Me?

When it comes to eastern medicine, the non-traditional and holistic approach has become increasingly accepted and sought after as a way to deal with health issues, including mental health. Meditation brings you into the present, eliminating the stresses and anxiety of life by calming your mind. Training your mind to slow down has incredibly positive long-lasting effects. The best part is that this is a non-invasive and holistic way to promote health and treat chronic diseases. 

What Technologies Does the Somadome Use?

LED Color and Light Therapy

In traditional healing systems, color is frequently used. Colors carry different frequencies such as red which is a low energy (frequency) color while purple is a high energy color. Using the energies of colors to meet our needs is a great way to help our mental health. Lighting used correctly provides positive benefits that support well-being. Exposure to light helps with sleep rhythms, moods, stress, pain levels, and even inflammation. Light is involved with the proper production of hormones such as cortisol, the stress hormone, and even melatonin. The idea behind this treatment is that specific colors in the visible spectrum trigger cellular activity which supports healthy functioning and mental state. 

Binaural Beats: Sound And Meditation

Sounds can be used to achieve healthy states. It is a common understanding that sounds affect our moods. Through binaural beats, the Somadome uses sounds that are scientifically proven to positively benefit your mood. Binaural beats are very interesting because it involves playing sounds at different frequencies for the right and left ears. When each ear hears sounds at a different frequency than the other, it creates a third beat which is the binaural beat. This inaudible binaural beat has a list of benefits including: 

  • Increased cognition, focus, creativity
  • Improved memory, concentration
  • Natural antidepressant, relaxant 
  • Reduces cortisol (stress hormone), ADD 
  • Is restorative, healing, and helps with learning 

In summary, the binaural beat meditations use specific types of auditory stimulation to help you relax and trigger different brain wave energy states from your everyday, waking state.

Energy Medicine: Magnet Therapy

Somadome provides energy healing through the use of magnet therapy. Magnet therapy is beneficial to healing your mind by producing vibrations that naturally occur in nature, blocking the frequencies that are created by electronic devices. This is a great way to reset your body, and let good energy flow through your body. Essentially, magnet therapy transforms unnatural electromagnetic frequencies into waveforms and frequencies that match the ones that naturally exist in our bodies. 

How Does the Somadome Improve Mental Health

The main ways that Somadome improves your mental health are the following:

  • Mindful relaxation: Binaural beats, color/light therapy, and magnet therapy all work together to create a relaxing environment through scientific and holistic ways. These affect your brainwave state, adjusting your brainwaves away from patterns of stress and anxiety towards relaxation and peace. 
  • Improved Mood: Exposing ourselves to binaural beats and light keeps us healthy, improving mood, attention, and pain perception. Without exposure to light our sleep patterns become off, our moods become poor, and our hormones become out of balance. All of which affect our mood. 
  • Reduced Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and Insomnia: We mentioned before how Magnet Therapy sets those unwanted and unnatural frequencies to ones that match the frequencies of our bodies. The frequencies produced by wifi and other technologies disrupt normal brain function, giving the brain too much energy which stimulates stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Magnet therapy removes this excess energy allowing our brains to function in a balanced state  
  • Shift A Negative Mindset To A Positive: 
  • Positive Energy And Effect On Your Mental Health: By using treatments that address the energy systems of human beings the Somadome manipulates the energy in your mind in a way that biologically centers it. When you have the correct energy flowing through your mind, your mental health can flourish. 
  • A Deeper Connection To Your Body: Just as adjusting the energy systems works for your mind, it also works for your body. Affecting these frequencies through binaural beats, magnet therapy, and color/light therapy positively affects your body on a biological level without being invasive. Your bone health, organ health, skin, and other tissues receive those positive effects. When your body is sound, so is your mind and vice versa. 
  • Other Features Include: 
    • The shift from A Negative Mindset To A Positive
    • Increased Sensory Perception
    • Higher Attention Span 
    • State Of Mind Recognition

In conclusion, the Somadome is a tool focused on improving your mental health through a combination of biological science and holistic science. There are many benefits to this amazing technology to read about but you cannot truly understand the science behind it until you experience it for yourself. The Rose Spat At Lake Mary is the only establishment in Central Florida that holds a Somadome. Our Somadome uses Apple Pro Max Headphones to make sure those binaural beats come through strong! If you are looking to improve your mental health in any way, whether it be for stress, anxiety, or anything else, our Somadome is sure to relax you and give you the reset you need! Find out more here.