HydraFacial MD® is now being offered at The Rose Spa located in Lake Mary, FL. It is a breakthrough in facial technology that is painless and has no downtime. If you are looking to feel more refreshed and rejuvenated, the hydrafacial treatment may be the perfect solution.


Achieving healthy, radiant skin doesn’t need to be a complicated process. At The Rose Spa Of Lake Mary, we believe that nourished, restored, and protected skin can naturally shine, which is why we now offer the non-invasive HydraFacial MD treatment at our spa. 

HydraFacial MD blends the best elements of hydra dermabrasion, chemical peel science, painless extraction, and nutrient delivery into one simple treatment that can completely transform the health and appearance of your skin.

Read more about HydraFacial MD below, or for more information about HydraFacial MD treatments, feel free to visit The Rose Spa Of Lake Mary or call us at 407.606.6493 to schedule your HydraFacial appointment!


Uniquely designed with a Vortex-Fusion tip, this wet, vacuum-like sensation of specialty serums make several passes across the skin dislodging impurities deep within the pores. In a feathering motion, a mild acid peel is infused back into the pores creating a tingling sensation due to Salicylic Acids. Once extractions have been made Vortex Fusion begins. Vortex fusion supplies the skin with antioxidants and peptides leaving the skin clean, plump, and radiantly hydrated.

The Hydrafacial is a powerful and effective facial for anyone who is looking to improve any of the following: Fine lines and wrinkles, elasticity, firmness, even tone, vibrancy, skin texture, brown spots, oily or congested skin, and large pores. Multiple treatments and continual care is advised for optimal results.



HydraFacials are performed in our luxury spa. We will begin with a thorough consultation to decide the best products and options for your HydraFacial.

On the day of your treatment, we’ll have you relax in one of our comfortable and relaxing rooms as your procedure begins. Your HydraFacial will include six basic steps: cleansing, exfoliation, extraction of the pores, moisturization, adding nourishment, and long-lasting skin protection.

We will personalize your HydraFacial and will use what we feel is the best cleanser, level of exfoliation, moisturizers, serums, and other products to meet the needs of your skin. 

A HydraFacial can be even further customized by adding on another skin treatment, like a chemical peel. Following your HydraFacial, you will be ready to go home and carry on with your day.  You’ll begin to notice skin improvements over the next few days.

To sustain your newly improved skin tone, we suggest getting these treatments at monthly intervals. During your consultation, our licensed professionals can schedule future appointments and discuss products that may be used at home to keep your complexion healthy between treatments.


Traditional facials can be effective for many people, but they aren’t necessarily the best ones available. If you’ve ever had a traditional facial, you may have had extractions performed on your skin to remove blackheads and debris in your pores. When these are done by a trained professional, they should not cause damage to the skin, but they can still be uncomfortable. One of the primary benefits of HydraFacial is that it is able to perform these extractions in a less invasive and uncomfortable way that’s just as, if not more, effective than traditional extractions.

Given the rising pollution levels, the treatment is quick in drawing out the impurities our skin’s pores get clogged with. Regular facials typically dry out the skin for a small period of downtime, but a HydraFacial pumps the hydration back into the skin in the form of proprietary serums.