Dermaplaning 101: What Is It, When Do I Do It, And How Often?

Ensuring your skin is soft, smooth, and has a nice glow means finding a combination of treatments that works for you. For many people, dermaplaning facials are essential in their skincare routine. They are a great way to improve the overall appearance of your skin because they improve tone and texture. The great thing about this treatment is that it can significantly help with skin conditions such as acne and eczema. It helps with flareups, and by getting dermaplane treatments regularly, it allows for other treatments to be more easily absorbed by the skin. 

What Is Dermaplaning?

D0 you ever wonder how some people just seem to have perfect, smooth, glowing skin? While some people might have natural skin that fits that description, most people have a skincare routine, and more than likely, dermaplaning is a part of their routine. 

Skin cells renew on average about once per month. When you get new skin cells, this doesn’t mean all the old skin cells just magically go away. Exfoliation treatments such as dermaplaning are what help you get rid of the excess skin to prevent clogged pores and buildup. This is an exfoliation treatment that uses a shape blade to remove dead skin cells and hairs known as peach fuzz. Despite a blade being used, this is painless and is quick and effective to remove dead skin cells from your face. 

Benefits Of Dermaplaning

No Harsh Chemicals

Dermaplaning exfoliates your skin making it healthier and smoother without harsh chemicals or scrubs that can cause irritation and skin damage.

Collagen Production & Skin Elasticity

Just like with SkinPen Microneedling, it helps stimulate collagen production which ultimately will help with lines, wrinkles, and scars. It even helps with skin elasticity! 

Absorb Skincare Products More Effectively

By removing the dead skin cells and peach fuzz, your newly produced skin cells are exposed to be able to absorb the skincare products your use in your daily routine.



Dermaplaning is a very gentle process and since it is non-invasive, requires no recovery period. 

All Skin Types Benefit

Dermaplaning is for any skin type, even if you have sensitive skin! 

Get Rid Of Acne

Clogged pores and breakouts can be prevented if you incorporate dermaplaning into your routine

Even Skin

After dermaplaning, you will notice your skin is smooth and even, allowing makeup to spread smoothly without clumping. 

Aftercare Treatment

Avoid The Sun

After dermaplaning, your skin is sensitive and vulnerable. You should be avoiding direct sunlight for a least 2-4 days. If you must be in the sun, use sunscreen with a minimum of 50 SPF.

Hold Off On Exfoliation

Because dermaplaning is an exfoliation treatment, you do not want to over-exfoliate and damage your skin. You should wait a week or so before exfoliating again but consider waiting a little bit longer if you have more sensitive skin.

Refrain From Swimming

Pools have chlorine and those harsh chemicals can easily damage skin that has undergone dermaplaning. Wait a few days before going into a pool to avoid damage and if you feel irritation while swimming please get out right away. 

Keep Moisturized

It is always important to keep your skin hydrated, especially so after you have received a dermaplaning treatment. Giving your skin moisture during this time is essential. 

How Often Should You Get A Dermplane Treatment

Each person’s skin is different, meaning how often you should revive treatment is different. You should be working with a specialist to determine how often. On average though, for most people a minimum of once a once is what will start to produce ideal results. If you can do two, that is better. For people with more sensitive skin though, maybe less than that. Monitor your skin with your specialist to see what will be exactly the right amount for you. 

It is not recommended to do this at home. There are at-home kits but they are not made or used correctly to get what you need and are looking for. 

Finding The Right Place For Dermaplaning Treatment

The Rose At Lake Mary specializes in dermaplaning. When you come in for a facial you can add dermaplaning to your treatment to get the healthy glowing skin you are looking for. We have a variety of facial treatments and other add-ons as well. Contact us today to renew your skin!