Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Targets Lower In The Connective Tissue For Pain And Injury Relief


Unlike other massages, the Rose Spa’s Deep Tissue Massage focuses on relieving you of your pain more than relaxation. It is normal to feel some discomfort while the massage therapist works to break up muscle knots and stretch out the tension in joints. People may choose this massage to treat sports injuries or chronic pain. The licensed massage therapist at The Rose strategically applies steady, deep pressure to work through muscle layers providing much-needed relief so you can go back to enjoying life. 


The Deep Tissue massage uses sustained pressure with slow, deep strokes to inner muscle layers. Our Deep Tissue massage is individualized to your needs. The pressure is more intense to some and soreness is normal the day after, but never intolerably. Expect deep pressure applied with the hands, arms, or elbows. Releasing contracted muscles and tissues.

Deep Tissue Massage Benefits

Deep Tissue Massage Therapist

Feel reassured receiving a deep tissue massage at The Rose knowing our licensed massage therapist has your back. They know exactly what you need to feel at ease. They will discuss your areas of discomfort in order to better cater the treatment to your needs. 

This massage is great for deep pain relief and promoting healing. The techniques and pressure used aim to realign tissue fibers releasing any adhesions causing discomfort.

Knowing your massage may cause slight discomfort can increase nerves, try to relax and keep in mind the temporary discomfort will alleviate your long-term pain. At The Rose Spa, you can find comfort with our licensed massage therapist, having the knowledge and experience to provide you with the best possible treatment. Don’t hesitate to book an appointment! 

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Read Below For Commonly Asked Questions About The Deep Tissue Massage.

The Biggest Difference Between the Deep Tissue Massage And The Swedish Is The Pressure And Goal. The Pressure Of The Deep Tissue Is More Intense And Focus On Releasing Areas Of Pain More Than Relaxation.

While Some Discomfort Is Normal, It's Not Required. People Have Different Pain Thresholds, And Deep Tissue Massage May Cause Discomfort Or Even Be A Bit Painful. Communication With Your Massage Therapist Is Key To Having The Best Experience.